Kids School Satchel Bag

Embroidery directly on to big pocket panel Bags can easily be personalised with name and picture.

Embroidery on Removable Pocket of Golf Bag

Golf bags cannot be embroidered after been made up. However some are designed with removal pocket to access easy branding.

Embroidered Leather Badge stitched onto Canvas Bag

Frame could not fit into the bag so we made a Leather badge to match the leather straps and stitched it onto the readymade bag. Embroidery was stitched tone on tone so that the embroidery had an embossed look. Client wanted Tigers Eye added in so we appliqued a thick plastic over it with the memorabilia inside. Super quality personalized Bag makes an amazing gift!

Embroidery Directly onto Braai Set Bag

This Braai Set bag lends itself to small designs stitched directly on. Order for your special clients with their names on it. We can also put your logo in the one corner.

Sublimation print

This method is a full colour sublimation print and is done before the Sublime Back Pack bag is made up.

Screen print

Already made up Melville Denim Shopper bag can take up to 2 colours.

Domed Sticker print

A printed domed sticker is a good method for branding bags already made up. This Challenger Tech Trolley Backpack has a domed sticker on top section of bag.


Heat press is an effective method of printing on bags. This conference bag has an adhesive plastic print that is heat pressed onto the bag.