About Danielle’s Embroidery

Danielle’s Embroidery is a local South African company. We pride ourselves on our personal touch that we offer to all of our clients, assisting each individual that steps into our factory with a unique and personalised care. We are passionate about what we do; so I thought I’d share our history with you.

Here’s how Danielle’s Embroidery became what it is today:

After completing my matric, I qualified as a primary school teacher with a higher diploma in education. I taught for 7 years and loved the experience, but always had the entrepreneurial bug in me.

During my maternity leave, I started creating linen and décor for my baby girl. My passion for sewing exceeded that of teaching. My brother mentioned that I could mass produce what I had then created by hand.

So it all started with the help and support of family and friends. I started working in a Linen shop, learning and running a single head machine. The clients would purchase the linen and I would embroider names etc onto the items bought in the shop. When I first started operating the shop’s machine, I had no idea how to even switch it on. Working in the shop was a huge learning curve for me. After a few months, I realised that I had learnt the skills needed to start my own business.

In 1997, Danielle’s Embroidery was born. I started off with one single head machine and worked from my dining room at home juggling between being a wife, parent, operating the machine and trying to build the business. My marketing strategy in those days were faxing, cold calling and word of mouth.

Every month I would check my sales and every month the sales doubled. I would get so excited as I shared my success with my brother who was keeping a sharp eye on me. Machine number 2 arrived.

One morning I had a part time worker help me in my garden. I was busy running the machine and realised that I needed assistance. I offered the young man the opportunity to learn how to run the machine. He was delighted. He was soon transformed from workwear clothing into casual smart clothing suitable for working my machine. Since then, I have had staff running the production and appreciate every single one of them.

The company became a cc in 2004. We now have the latest SWF multi-head machinery and have been in the industry for 23 years. I have wonderful staff who exceed my expectations. Our high standards produce incredible work that we are all proud of.

I class us as the amazing 8.

Danielle Suzanne Joffe

Member of cc


Danielle’s PA

I was born and bred in Mpumalanga, Middelburg. I matriculated in 2003. I started my first job as a waitress in 2006 and became the Head Waitress after 3 months. In 2007, I decided to continue my studies at Havatech. I completed my qualification in Secretarial Admin and Computer Literacy in Pretoria. In 2010, I started working at All Over Connection in Brits in the North West. I learned how to digitize using the Wilcom programme and later learned how to use the embroidery machine, Tajima. I moved to DJ Embroidery in 2012 and was employed as a machinist. In February 2015, I started working for Danielle’s Embroidery. This family has been and still is welcoming. Everyone helped me to their best ability to settle in. Since then, I have never looked back. It feels so wonderful being part of this A-team. As Danielle’s PA, I have learned a lot. I initially applied for the role of the machine operator. Danielle saw a different potential in me when we met and everything changed. This year will be my 4th year with Danielle’s Embroidery and I still love coming to work every day.


Assitant Manager

I was born in Barragwanah but grew up in the Vaal triangle in an area called Ironside. My immediate family is Muslim and I am proudly African Muslim. I matriculated in Roshnee islamic school in 2013. Ithen aquired an exclusive scholarship to study Women Studies in Cape Town in 2014 where I was taught by diffrent scholars from all over the world and was adopted by a spanish family for a year. In 2015, I took a gap year and started my own little business at the local flea market in De Deur, selling second hand baby clothing on Saturday to buy myself toiletries . I then started working as a part time cashier where I added to my experience in retail . In January 2016, I was accepted to do a leadership course with Activate Leadership which grew to my leadership skills and supported my passion for people. In April 2016, I started working for Danielle’s Embroidery as assistant manager. I think I was fit for the position because I am arty and naturally creative. I am a fast learner and I easily adapt to different enviroments. In Zulu, we refer to a person who constantly practices the characteristics of ubuntu ("I am, because you are") as umuntu wa bantu which means the people’s person - which I belive I am. Being part of Danielle’s team has been amazing and has contributed to so much growth, as I am the youngest in the team.


Head Machinist

I was born in Bulowayo Zimbabwe. I completed Grade 12 and went on to study Panel Beating. I then left to come to South Africa hoping to find Panel Beating work. I couldn’t find a job. My uncle worked for an Embroidery company and he suggested I try the industry out. Since then, I haven’t looked back. I started working for Danielle in 2014 when Danielle needed a temporary machinist whilst Dorothy went on maternity leave. When Dorothy returned, she wouldn’t let me go as my machine skills were outstanding in her eyes. I am quite a handy man and sometimes even fix the machinery if there is a problem. I am always the one sorting out the generator when we have load shedding, or attending to the gate when it plays up. I am happy here because I love my work and Danielle treats us well. Even though LIFE can be tough I always look at the brighter side.



I am from Bulawayo Zimbabwe and matriculated in 2004. I studied cutting and design at Spaces College and in 2007 and then moved to Yeoville, Johannesburg. I worked for another embroidery factory before eventually working for Danielle. I started working for Danielle’s Embroidery in 2012. I love working here as Danielle is flexible which allows me to spend time with my children in the evening and weekends. Having this job also enables me to send money to my family in Zimbabwe. I have learnt so much here and I love being a part of this team. I am always trying to improve my skills and always try my best.



I was born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe and completed Grade 11. I then worked as a motor mechanic for 3 years but decided that I would prefer to immigrate to South Africa for better opportunities. My first job was at an embroidery factory, which is where I first met Danielle. I wasn’t happy at my previous job and gave Danielle my number hoping she would offer me a job. Thankfully, she called. I started working for Danielle in 2012 and I would never dream of leaving this wonderful company. I’ve been through some difficult times over the last 2 years and Danielle has always been there for me. I am really happy to be part of this GREAT team!


Head Cleaner

I was born in Ficksberg in the Free State. I completed Grade 11 and started working for Danielle on the 2nd of June 2000. I’m Danielle’s longest surviving staff member. In 2009 there was a Clothing Industry strike which I was not involved in thank Goodness as I was on maternity leave. Myself and Florence, sadly she passed away in 2016 were the only two staff members that retained our jobs, because the staff as group were fired as they behaved very badly. They trashed the factory and threatened a part time workers life. Perhaps if I was there I may have also got caught up in the group’s bad behaviour. I enjoy my work and I’m very happy to be here. Danielle always compliments me on my ability to unpick incorrect embroidery, and clean and fold garments. I’m supporting 4 children so I really value having this job.


Cleaner and Picker

I was born in Laezonia (Doorentijies) in Pretoria. I studied up to Grade 11. Unfortunately my life circumstances didn’t allow me to finish school. I hope to complete my matric in the future. I started working for Danielle in 2013 after I heard that there was an opening for a cleaner from one of her dedicated staff members, Florence Motiileng (who sadly passed away in 2017). I have not looked back and I am very grateful for this job. I love working here and I am grateful to be part of this team. When I’m at work, I feel like I’m home.