Custom Branded & Promotional Caps

Headwear has been worn since Ancient times and today we have many variations of styles including Cuban Hats worn at races, sun visors sported by athletes, the everyday Brushed cotton cap and a knitted beanie to name a few. Headwear have many uses such as hiding the hair on a bad hair day, blocking out the harmful sun’s rays or as a fashion accessory, protection during sport etc. Caps are without a doubt purposeful and convenient in ways we can often cannot imagine. A promotional MUST, caps can gain your brand with many “raving fans”. Branded caps are impactful and perfectly showcases a brand’s identity to the masses. If you’re planning a team-building exercise for your employees, looking to gift new employees with something unconventional and different to the norm, looking to wow clients at an event or sponsoring a team – custom caps will surely do the course justice. There are many methods of Branding your caps. So read on to learn which method will be best for you.