EduFab Alphabet Chart/activity mat

Full Description

Included in this chart is a free personalised embroidery in the bottom right corner space.

We can add a name and surname and details of birth and even a small pic if it fits.

Teaching Guide and Skills that can be taught

This Chart or interactive mat or game is suitable for children from a few months to the ages +- 6years or once the child has grasped the basic alphabet.
From birth, the alphabet chart can be hung on a wall and the pictures can be pointed out to the young baby.
When the baby is old enough to touch things…as long as there is strict parental supervision the child can handle the little pictures and even pull them off the velcro and put them back.
From the age of +- 2 years, the parent can place the wall chart on a flat surface and sit down and play the game interactively with the child.

1. Place chart on the floor or on the table in front of the child
2. Remove all the pictures.
3. Let the child take any picture he or she chooses and identify it. Example Apple.
4. Help the child find the ‘ a’ for apple by matching the red letter with the red apple.
Some of the colours are similar so it is up to the parent to guide the child in finding
the correct colour. Some of the objects have multiple colours, for example, the
queen’s hair. There are also a few different hues of one colour, for example sky blue jug and navy blue umbrella.
5. Once the child has found the ‘a’ for apple, he or she may place the object on the
velcro below the letter. Try and get the child to say ‘a’ for apple.
6. One can progress further and find objects in the house that also begin with ‘a’ for
example ‘a’ for ant.
Skills Taught
1. Sounds of Alphabet
2. The letter, colour and shape recognition.
3. Visual, auditory and tactile learning.
4. Vocabulary enrichment.
1 x wall chart base fabric calico(100% cotton) 40cm x 40cm with a wooden stick at the top
and coloured rope to hang on the wall. Velcro male pieces are sewn in below the 26 embroidered letters.

26 x embroidered 2 D pictures of the objects beginning with the different letters of the alphabet. Pictures are made from a variety of different fabrics….such as felt(leaf), polyester lining(orange), canvas(ice cream), denier bag fabric(nose), organza(violin),
minimat (apple). Polyester nylon is female velcro at the back of each picture.

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